Why Marijuana Should Be Legal In All States

Marijuana legalization for recreational use reduces government spending and increases tax revenue among a host of other benefits for the states and cannabis consumers. While the drug is already legal in states that include Colorado and Washington, some states are yet to legalize it delaying the realization of the benefits in such states. Opponents wrongly claim that cannabis users are irresponsible drug addicts while downplaying the vivid evidence that medical marijuana isn’t a sham. Below are obvious benefits that would accrue to all citizens were it legal in all states. Read on.

Research-Backed Arguments favoring Cannabis legalization

1. Prohibition Takes Financial Toll on The Society

In states where the drug is illegal, there are hundreds of thousand reported cases of marijuana possession, the majority of which are for non-violent, low-level lawbreakers. Enforcing the laws that prohibit its possession and use, therefore, costs billions of dollars annually. Other than the cost involved, the endeavors occupy law enforcement preventing them from focusing on other more urgent problems in the society.

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2. Cannabis has proven medical benefits

Research has consistently revealed that marijuana is indeed effective in reducing life-threatening belligerent cancerous brain tumors. Cannabis has been used rewardingly to treat patients undergoing chemotherapy. Other studies have found that treating various seizure disorders, epilepsy included, using CBD (Cannabinoids) lowers seizures by more than 50 percent. Separate studies have independently shown cannabis reduce depression, relief anxiety among other health benefits. Such compelling revelations have informed the decision to legalize medical marijuana in very many states

3. Marijuana, unlike other legal substances, is less toxic

In an analysis that sought to analyze the dangers of recreational drugs, some legal ones such as alcohol featured prominently as top contenders while marijuana was the least contender thanks to its minimal health risks. The findings concluded that cannabis is, actually, more than a hundred times safer to use compared to alcohol which is a legal substance for citizens aged 21 years and above. Legalizing marijuana is, therefore long overdue; most of other riskier drugs (with no medical benefits) are already legal.

4. Reduces its use among Minors

Contrary to what opponents of its legalization imagine, legalization in states such as Colorado has reduced its use among youth. Due to the subsequent education and regulations controlling its use to grownups, the number of teenagers who reported using it two years after Cannabis was legalized in 2011 steadily dropped considerably. This finding further show that legalizing Cannabis has the exact opposite effect; reduces consumption among minors.

5. Its legalization eliminates the black market

The most prudent way to undercut the black market is to promote the legal market through marijuana legalization coupled with stringently controlled regulations. Some of the international cartels that once considered the US the primary sources of illegal Marijuana have since downsized their operation following its legalization in some states. The amount of cannabis apprehended by Border Patrols has reduced substantially over the past couple of years, while the price per Kg has dropped by a huge margin. All these are signs that legalizing the drug has the ultimate potential to eradicate the black market entirely.

Evidence of Cannabis ban’s failures

Instead of the war against marijuana use employing prevention, research and education approach adopts a law enforcement strategy. The war also ignores underlying issues such as poverty, enduring unemployment and waning living conditions in some cities. It, instead, takes a combative approach that not only devours millions of dollars but also sends very many people to prisons. Consequently, inappropriate marijuana use continually deliberates lives, illegal drug trafficking flourishes and violence escalates. The need to legalize cannabis, thus, increases by day; the benefits of its controlled use are evident, the amount of money that it can generate to the economy is mindboggling while evidence of its health benefits becomes apparent by the day.

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Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legalized

There are many individuals who are in favor for legalizing cannabis as they feel that legalizing this drug will do more good than bad but on the condition that this drug is abused in a minimum amount. Apart from making you get high, marijuana is known to offer many health benefits and thus legalizing this drug can help you enjoy these benefits to the fullest. Therefore as a responsible cannabis consumer, you should know the reasons for legalizing this drug so that you can know the positive points. Medical marijuana is also becoming popular day by day as it is being used by many people who want to treat their health conditions in the most effective manner.

There are many reasons for cannabis legalization but the most important reason is that it offers a token of freedom to the users of this drug so that they can indulge in this relatively harmless pleasure of the consenting adults. Moreover, making marijuana illegal should not be the perspective of the government because it has not yet been proved that it is harmful. As an individual, everyone has the right of deciding whether to consume weed or not as they will be held responsible for their own actions. Smoking pot is considered as a victimless crime where the use will be taking the risk and they should not be told whether to consume anything or not so that they enjoy using marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. Another reason for legalizing weed is that it helps in treating depression and it acts as a means for enhancing the brain function for making you alert and active. Pot is also known to a light drug that is harmless as compared to the other drugs as it offers many health benefits and when consumed in adequate amount it will not have negative effects on the mind and body. From reducing the pain arising from chemotherapy to treating glaucoma, high blood pressure, lung diseases and a host of other illnesses, marijuana is known to be very effective in treating all these health conditions so that you can get positive results. Therefore legalizing pot will help the doctors to prescribe it to their patients so that they will enjoy its benefits with the use of the drug. Every cannabis users will want that this drug is legalized so that they will not have issues while procuring this drug which is known to offer wonderful benefits. After legalizing recreational marijuana, there are many states that have witnessed a decrease in property crimes and violent crimes. Moreover there has a huge drop in crime rates after the legalization of weed because prohibition can lead to many other issues as it can take social and financial toll on the society. Legalizing pot is also beneficial for the government because prohibiting this drug means that a lot of money, time and efforts is wasted. This means that legalizing it will help the government to concentrate on the other important issues of the country rather than wasting time, money and man power for dealing with marijuana possession and abuse.

Another important reason for legalizing cannabis is that it is far safer than alcohol and tobacco that are known to cause cancer because weed is less harmful as compared to the other drugs that are abused across the world. Therefore prohibiting this drug is not a solution as it will mean an increase in illegal trading and use of this drug. Therefore when cannabis will become legalized, it will make it convenient for the patients so that they can use this drug for dealing with different kind of health problems. There are many arrests that are made for possessing weed illegally and it means that there are huge amount of money that are wasted on these legal procedure. Regardless of whether this drug is legal or illegal, cannabis users will use it for their recreational and medical use and thus legalizing it will make it easier for the users to enjoy its health benefits. They will not have to indulge in crimes for acquiring this drug because pot will be legalized and they will use pot or weed for meeting their needs and requirements.